Meena Matai is an artist, engineer, social entrepreneur and educator. After getting her bachelors, masters and working in the technology field for fifteen years she decided to pursue her passion and is now a full time artist and art teacher.  Meena is a renowned Austin artist, has her work in several galleries around town including Austin City Hall’s People’s Gallery and has taught at the Contemporary Austin. Her work has been recognized around the world and in our very own Austin American Statesman. Strengths: Empathy, Relation, Developer, Communication, Discipline.


Marliza Mendez is a teaching artist and actress based in Austin. She graduated with a B.F.A in Theatre Education from The University of Texas at Austin and a certificate in business foundations from Mccombs Business school. Her experience working at Zach theatre made her realize she really enjoys working with children. She’s passionate about bringing stories to life through creative drama and teaching performing arts! Strengths: Individualization, Responsibility, Empathy, Developer, and Creativity.

Abby Ruston is a skilled creative with a focus on furniture and commercial installations. Ruston found herself creating as a coping mechanism after an injury that ended her professional athletic career. This artistic outlet revealed itself as an undiscovered passion, and Ruston began pursuing art full time in 2016. She brings an unmatched drive to every project that she is a part of and always loves to share what she has learned.

Ajay is a software engineer and educator. He has worked in the technology field for the last twenty years. His areas of passion are robotics, programming and understanding the ins and outs of any concept he learns. Strengths: Harmony, Arranger, Positivity, Learner, Activator.

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